Yoga Practices  w/ Charlie Higgins  in Portland OR

Yoga awakens our capacity of gesture, our emotional resonance with the world, our vocal expressiveness, our biorhythms of breath, digestion, and metabolization, our potential to move and settle our bodies, our integration of the five senses, and our power to concentrate inner dialogs and feelings.

By enlivening and connecting these capacities, our life-focus stabilizes, becomes more flexible, and strengthens internally.

Mudrā (gesture)  :  Pūjā (attitude of giving/getting)  :  Mantra (vocalization)  :  Prāṇāyāma (breathing)  :  Kriyā (body cleansing and nutrition)  :  Āsana (posture)  :  Yogakośa (metabolization)  :  Saṃyama (concentration)